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You want comedy? You want humor? You want to delve into the demented mind of a dime-a-dozen, cheap, two-bit stand-up comic with a web site? Then this is the place.

Thanks to everyone for making this a high traffic site. Bookmark this page now ( Control-D) and visit often because there will be lots of (alleged) hysterical changes in the near future. Bascially, Interactive Lunacy is an online comedy club with no cover charge and you can come in your underwear. (Wait! that doesn't sound right.)

Keep the emailed jokes and alpha pages coming, and a special thanks to the corporate and comedy club bookings that have resulted from this page.

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Comedy Writing Step by Step

This isn't a real virus. It's a joke.Request the Interactive Lunacy Virus. It's not real, but it's real funny.
Wacky antics to amuse and annoy your friends
This page is so funny. Send it to your friends.Actual announcements from church bulletins. This is so funny.
Don't be afraid. Send us your pic.The Virtual Mardi Gras. Flash us online and get a picture of beads.
Click here to see Kathie Lee Gifford's morning show replacementExclusive: Meet Kathie Lee Gifford's Morning Show Replacement
Receive hysterical comedy and hilarious linksAnother free weekly comedy ezine. Outrageously funny links. Sign up now.
Be the first on your planet to get Gary's videosGet Gary's comedy videos for next to nothing. It's fast, it's secure.
Very funny. Share it with your friends. Pleeeease.A Prayer for the Stressed. Solice for anyone under pressure.
This page will freak you out (unless you're in the demented 2% for whom it doesn't work)
This is so weird. Try it now!Another quick, online test that will freak you out. Spooky mind control.
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Click here for some very funny anagrams including George Bush equals He Bugs Gore
These free services are great. Financed by advertising. Check them out.Gary Thison, Master of the Free World. Check out these very cool free services.
Visit this very funny site, but make sure you come back. I miss you.Two brothers. Hilarious Parodies. Check them out.
Hey, did you forget to click on an ad?The audio history of the most versatile word in the English language
Help a fledgling comedian, visit my sponsorsHere is the Poopie List. A classic potty humor page (disgusting, but funny)
Go on, order something from BuyShitHere.comCheck out this very funny, virus-free karaoke parody
If you clicked on an ad or fifty, thanks. If not, well, get goingDo your online shopping here! Tell your friends you go to It's no joke, but it's funny.
HotVoice 4
Hey, you found another hidden message. You should be so happy that you want to go to and buy something.Hysterical new invention makes flatulence smell like lilacs
The classic pick a card, any card mind-freak.Astonishing Internet Card Trick. Check out this mind control demonstration. Now!
Get back at those bastards who clutter your email boxChain Mail Revenge! Send this hysterical email to everyone who sends those annoying chain letters
Great cyber practical joke to send to guys with little pee peesSend this virus-free program to every guy you know. Very funny freebie.
Go ahead. Send me an alpha page. I ain't ascaird of you.Heckle me live right to my pager. Keep the message short (less than 240 characters) and I'll get it right away.
If you were looking for stupid, pointless fun, this is the place.Give the gift of absurdity with The International Blade of Grass Registry. It's free!
This hysterical ad actually ran in an Arkansas publication. How much does this guy love his bike?
The Master Card Commercial They'll Never Show-Hysterical Parody
Cigar Euphemisms for Taking a Dump
Damned funny jokes. Says me. Send me yours.
If you have a web site, get a free listing here
Play Cyber Simon Says online. Damn this is fun!
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How to get thousands of hits at your web site for FREE!
The Five Second Method to Quit Smoking-Guaranteed!
Gary's complete 45 minute show in text form so you can memorize it and perform it yourself
Visit this phony adult site. Very funny. You'll send it to all your friends

How to make an elephant sculpture
Helpful stuff you can use in your real life. Voted funniest page (okay, I was the only vote)
You may have already won ONE MILLION DOLLARS
Something different! Send this sweet, thoughtful animated card to everyone
The Complete Starr Report--Fast Loading..No Waiting
Sugar Ray Leonard's sex change
Gary and his pal Bob Dole at a recent luncheon
Interactive Lunacy voted Detroit News Homepage of the Week. Check it out.
The Interactive Lunacy Cigar Pages (for the real cigar smoker)
You've been a wonderful audience. Click here to try the veal
Clinton Infidelity Jokes (new ones added January 20, 1999)
While searching the search engines searching for myself, I found this odd page about me
Who's your favorite Spice Girl? Click here to see mine
Adopt my purebred dalmatian...he's really not a useless, scum canine
Gary's "Nobody likes food as hot as me" page
The ultimate Elvis trivia question
Money Making Opportunity--A unique (albeit stupid) way to make money fast and easy
Visit this page--I guarantee you'll send your friends (or enemies) here
Upgrading from Girlfriend 4.0 to Wife 1.0
74 Ways To Be Annoying
A trilogy of Irish Jokes
The problem with the world is there aren't enough snail and accordian jokes (New ones)
The new logo that Gary's wife hates
A really cool pic
Gary's four different corporate comedy shows
Just some of the places I've performed
Gary's Elitist Page
"HECKLE ME!" Read what others have to say and throw in your own two cents.
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