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"Poo Pourri"
Now your flatulence can smell of lilacs

Gary Thison is not only a demented comedian and comedy writer, but is now the inventor of an amazing product which solves a problem that has been plaguing mankind since the beginning of time: smelly poopers.

That's right. Now with the amazing "Poo Pourri" fragrant underwear stick-on air freshener you can let one rip without worry. Gather your family, friends and co-workers around to partake and enjoy in the fragrant bouquet.

Strategically place the self-adhesive "Poo Pourri" on your undies and never worry about holding back today's Coney.

You'll love it when others say, "Mmmm. What is that smell?"

With "Poo Pourri" you can proudly say, "It's me!"

funny animated image funny invention product

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