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What is an anagram? That's when you take each letter of a word or phrase, use it once and create another word or phrase. Rainy Ghost is an anagram of my name. Here are a bunch of my favorite funny anagrams.

The Weakest Link==equals==Hawk-like Tenets

Reality Based Television==equals==Seeds Naive Tolerability

President George W. Bush==equals==White Person Begrudges

Vice President Dick Cheney==equals==They Risk Civic Dependence

Robert Downy Junior ==equals==Joint or Downer Buyer

John F. Kennedy Junior == equals == Hunk Jon Jon Fiery End

Impeachment Hearing == equals == Campaign Hit Men Here

Impeachment Hearings == equals == A High Preeminent Scam

Toilet Paper Roll == equals == It'll Let Rear Poop

Adolf Hitler == equals == He Of All Dirt

Monica Lewinsky == equals == New Sick Alimony

Dormitory == equals == Dirty Room

David Letterman == equals == I Demand TV Later

Desperation == equals == A Rope Ends It

Country Music == equals == Cry Into Mucus

The Morse Code == equals == Here Come Dots

Slot Machines == equals == Cash Lost In 'Em

Animosity == equals == Is No Amity

Mother-in-law == equals == Woman Hitler

Snooze Alarms == equals == No More Z's, alas.

Alec Guinness == equals == Genuine Class

Semolina == equals == Is No Meal

The Public Art Galleries == equals == Large Picture Halls, I Bet

A Decimal Point == equals == I'm a Dot in Place

The Earthquakes == equals == That Queer Shake

Eleven plus two == equals == Twelve plus one

Contradiction == equals == Accord not in it

To be or not to be: that is the question, whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
== equals ==
In one of the Bard's best-thought-of tragedies, our insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten.

George Bush == equals == He bugs Gore

Ronald Reagan == equals == A darn long era

Spiro Agnew == equals == Grow A Spine

George Herbert Walker Bush == equals == Huge Berserk Rebel Warthog

Leroy Newton Gingrich == equals == Yon Right-winger Clone

Margaret Thatcher == equals == That great charmer

"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." (Neil A. Armstrong)
== equals ==
A thin man ran, makes a large stride, left planet, pins flag on moon --on to Mars!



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