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Are you #WINNING or #LOSING?

Just answer a few of Charlie Sheen's simple questions and he will reveal the answer.

Find out whether you're a troll, a fool or are your veins pumping tiger blood.

If you are easily offended, please do not fill out this form.

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Wanna know if you're
#WINNING. Well, Charlie Sheen is here to help. Fill out the form below, hit SUBMIT (Charlie's into submission) and he will reveal whether or not you are #WINNING!

ALERT!!! If you are easily offended DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM!!!

1. What did you have for breakfast?
2. What is the opposite of #WINNING? 
3. Who should replace me on "Two and a Half Men?" 
4. When will I die? 
5. Name two people you'd like to be your goddesses:
6. Tell me why you think you're #WINNING:


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