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Great politically correct gift for any holiday season...wish everyone a happy Kwanaramahanukas

It used to be that all you had to say was "Merry Christmas" during the holiday season, but that certainly doesn't work any more. First, the Jewish community, which comprises 2% of the population, complained. For a while it worked to just say "Happy Hanukkah" 2% of the time, but then came Ramadan and Kwanza.

So, I have combined all four into one occasion: Kwanaramahanukas and have created the perfect symbol to represent all holidays. Introducing the Kwanaramahanukas song and cigar.

Click here to listen to the holiday song. Then, make sure you stock up on the best holiday gift ever. Order you Kwanaramahanukas cigars for only $8.00 each, shipping included.

Once you download the brief song, you can memorize it and sing it each time you present your thoughtful, unique and absurd holiday gift.

This whole concept may be a farce, but the cigars are quality, hand rolled Hondurans.

Get laughs for your thoughtfulness. Order today.

For a limited time, only $8.00 includes shipping!

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