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Come back often to read my ever growing list of cigar reviews. I mean, who better than a comedian to review cigars?

The reviews here will not be filled with fancy-schmancy words trying to describe the subtle nuttiness and the texture of the smoke. It will be more like, "I like that one! It tastes good." Okay, I'll try to be a bit more descriptive, but keep in mind, I started smoking cigars about 20 years ago and at the time thought that an Anonio y Cleopatra Grenadier was a good cigar.

Although I don't like really mild cigars, and I prefer about a 50-ring, my main requirement for a cigar is that it "takes a biting and keeps on lighting".

Submitting Cigars for Review

If you'd like me to review your favorite (or loathed) cigar, simply email me for my shipping address. To make sure the cigars arrive in proper smoking condition, I request that they be shipped in expensive humidors (which will not be returned).


A&C Grenadiers
Monarch Honduran Handmades
Chateau Amaretto
Flor de Oliva
Flor de Oliva Grand Camaroon
Don Jose
La Finca Cazadores

A&C Grenadiers
Since I brought it up earlier, I figured I'd start by reviewing the cigars that I started smoking (and ultimately abandoned) twenty years ago: Anonio y Cleopatra Grenadiers.

God, they suck. These cigars are predominately cow manure with some tobacco ingredients added. Light one up and watch the flies hover around your butt.

If they come in a little pack and do not require cutting, don't smoke 'em. Tell people you don't like that you just had a baby and pawn them off on them.

Monarch Honduran Handmades
These cigars are a gold mine. If you know anyone in Florida (or anywhere else they happen to have Eckert Drug Stores), have them buy you bundles of these cigars and send them to you. If for some reason you don't like them, just send them along to me.

These handmade cigars come in bundles of eight and can be purchased at the Eckert Drug chain for only $9.99. The cigars are a 50 ring, and measure 6 inches long. I prefer eight inches, but then, don't we all.

They are manufactured (or distributed) by some operation called "Tobacco Place" and the info on the package states: Tobacco Place's Honduran handmades marks the dawn of a new era of affordable, imported cigar smoking satisfaction. You can now enjoy fine imported handmade cigars for about the same price as you would pay for "domestics."

Imported from Hunduras, every Tobacco Place Honduran Handmade is 100% handmade with all natural tobacco.

All I can say is that I really love these cigars. I shop at a lot of small tobacco shops and to purchase this quality of cigar on a single basis you will spend between $4 and $6. I love to light one up and puff a cloud near my face and let the smoke slip up my nose and attack my nasal membranes.

Chateau Amaretto
I don't know much about this cigar, except when I run out of what I usually smoke and I'm broke, one of the tobacco shops that I frequent carry these little Dominicans.

I don't like sweetened cigars at all, but these are pretty subtle. Just a hint of Amaretto. They're usually a bit dry, but a couple of days in the humidor and they're ready for smoking.

I'd estimate that they're about 5 inches long and a 40 or 42 ring. Smaller than I prefer, but for $1.79 I'll take any size Dominican.

Flor de Oliva
So far, this is the best cigar for the money I've ever found.

Apparently, they were selling these Nicaraguan cigars (with both natural and maduro wrapper) at the big show in Vegas.

I've found a couple of tobacconists who sell them by the bundle of 25 for between $25 and $35. I like the robusto size, but they have a number of different sizes.

The robusto is full-flavored and smokes great from the beginning to the end. Sometimes, the butt tastes so good at the end that I'm tempted to use a roach clip.

The torpedo shaped Flor de Oliva is considerably milder and has a somewhat sweet flavor. Very nice, but I like more bite.

If you can find these, I strongly recommend them. If you don't like them, feel free to send your leftovers to me.

Flor de Oliva Grand Camaroon
This box pressed cigar is so good, you might think I had one shoved down my pants.

This cigar is REALLY good.

So far, I haven't found any tobacconists who carry them (I got my hands on some when the kind people at Flor de Oliva sent me some samples). Because they are a premium, box-pressed handmade, they may be a little more expensive than my two dollar limit, but dammit, they're worth it.

I sampled the Corona Grande (6x46). These incredible smokes use all long, Cuban-seed Nicaraguan fillers with a rich Camaroon wrapper.

I found these cigars to be incredibly consistent with a smooth, light gray ash.

If you see me with one you may be tempted to ask, "Is that a Flor de Oliva in your pants, or are you just happy to be smoking one?"

Don Jose
I find these reasonably priced cigars in many tobacco retailers across the country. I usually buy the robustos which I've found ranging in price from $1.69 to $3.00 each (slightly less in bundles).

Although these Hoduran hand mades are hit and miss when it comes to quality, they are mostly hits (especially for the money). Occasionally, they're wrapped a bit too tight, but for the most part are a pretty tasty mid to full-bodied smoke. I keep some in my humidor for guests who wouldn't appreciate it if I gave them one of my more pricey cigars.

La Finca Cazadores
Aside from showering and brushing my teeth, there are very few things that I do everyday. I don't watch television every day, I don't eat breakfast every day, I don't have sex every day (at least not that anyone else knows about). But one thing I do do every day is smoke a cigar. 

Of course, I'd love to smoke a Cohiba or Macanudo every day, but hey, I'm just a dime-a-dozen, cheap, two-bit stand up comic with three kids and grown-up responsibilities. So, as regular visitors to the Interactive Lunacy Cigar Pages know, I'm always on the prowl to find a quality cigar for two bucks or less. 

Last week I went into one of my local tobacconists to purchase a bundle of Flor de Oliva's when I noticed that they now carried La Finca's in bundles. I know I've smoked this Nicaraguan before, and my recollection was that I liked it. So, I put back the Flor de Oliva's and bought a bundle of La Finca Cazadore's at only $19.95 for a bundle of 25. Wow! What a great cigar to fill out the empty spaces in your humidor. 

The Cazadore's are about a 48 x 6 inch cigar, pretty full bodied with an almost creamy taste. I fired it up in my garage (more on good places to smoke in the next issue). The first time I smoke a new brand I like to make sure I'm in a wind-free environment. After ingniting the stick I took a big draw and created a cloud directly in front of my face. 

The La Finca definately passed my initial test. I liked the strength and lack of bitterness. It may be a bit too strong for those of you who like a mild or medium-bodied cigar, but it you like to combine smoothness with a bit of a nose membrane burn, you'll love these reasonably priced cigars.

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